Environmental Abatement

Mills must follow many environmental abatement regulations, but off gas release is most important. Some solutions, like sodium hydroxide, can be less effective and contribute to build up, causing a negative impact on solids control and removal. They also cause problems in water systems. There is a better way.

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Environmental abatement solutions from StrataChem keep your mill in compliance and running efficiently. Our solutions keep WESP systems free from sticky pitch and tar, prevent scaling, and the corrosion of equipment.

Benefits of the right Abatement Chemistry

Clean metal for superior electrostatic field in WESP systems
Prevent scaling and corrosion
Eliminate particulate build-up in quench ducts
Improve centrifuge performance and solids removal systems
Reduce carry over to RTO

The StrataChem team works with mills to find the best solution to fit their production type. By working closely with mills, the team has created fully closed-loop, effluent-free plants. Work with the StrataChem team to find the right solution for your mill.

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Smoke stack


Find more detail about StrataChem’s Environmental Abatement solutions in our comprehensive technical product sheets.

Consulting, training, and equipment rentals

At StrataChem, we believe in providing more than what you need to get by. We are available for on-site consultations and safety training for all levels of mill operators. And if you’re in need of equipment, we can help with that too.

For more information, or to work with the StrataChem team:

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