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At StrataChem we believe solutions should involve more than chemical product sales. That's why we provide the knowledge, training, and support mills need to succeed.

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Environmental Abatement

Mills must follow many environmental abatement regulations, but stack emissions compliance is most important. StrataChem solutions keep your mill in compliance and running efficiently.

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Release Agents

Mill shutdowns and stoppages cost time and money. Release Agents from StrataChem Solutions reduce sticking and cleaning of composite wood presses.

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Water Treatment

Eliminate corrosion in boilers and prevent harmful scale build-up and algae growth in cooling towers with water treatment chemistry and service from StrataChem Solutions

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Industrial Cleaners

Powerful industrial strength cleaners to improve safety, (reduce fire hazards) and allow for effective preventative maintenance programs, and all aspects of mill clean up. StrataChem has specially formulated solutions for pulp and paper, plywood dryers, wet esp, RTO and RCO and more…

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Whether your mill makes pulp and paper or engineered wood, you know bubbles can spell disaster.

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Infrastructure and operations service
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Job safety breakdown sheet
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