Release Agents

Harness the power of nanotechnology with our Release Agents. More than an oily barrier applied to the surface of your equipment, a molecular-level bond is better, stronger, and more effective.

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With the continued changes to environmental regulations through the EPA, mills must begin moving from formaldehyde to pMDI resigns. StrataChem Solutions can be a trusted partner for chemistry during this transition. Our latest technology for pMDI resign mills ease prevent sticking and keep your mill preforming. There are many instances where Release Agents are ideal. Directly applied to presses reduces sticking. And when applied to Steel belts, caul screens, and mats, they travel easily along the production line. We factor all applications when finding the right solution for your mill.

Benefits of the right Release Agent

No more stuck presses or sticky belts = less downtime
Easy release and transport of finished panels and mats
No effect on the painting or laminating of finished products

Work with the Stratachem team to find the right Release Agent for your mill.

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Spraying Release Agent


Find out every detail about Stratachem’s Release Agents in our comprehensive technical product sheets.

Consulting, training, and equipment rentals

At StrataChem, we believe in providing more than what you need to get by. We are available for on-site consultations and safety training for all levels of mill operators. And if you’re in need of equipment, we can help with that too.

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