Industrial Cleaners

Mills get dirty, there’s no denying it, but getting them clean doesn’t have to be hard. From general clean up and degreasing, to products for RTO and RCO systems, StrataChem has you covered.

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Environmentally friendly does not have to mean ineffective. StrataChem has specially developed cleaning solutions that are just as effective—if not more effective—as other cleaners on the market, and safer for the environment.

Terrex and Regenerate

Terrex: Multi-purpose: great for general cleanup and as a degreaser
Terrex: Reduce downtime by eliminating hours of scrubbing
Terrex: Fast and easy application with foaming units from StrataChem
Regenerate: Specially designed to dissolve build-up from RTO and RCO systems
Regenerate: Removes more build-up for improved airflow and faster production
Regenerate: Fast and easy application with foaming units from StrataChem

Work with the StrataChem team to find the right Industrial Cleaners for applications in your mill.

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Consulting, training, and equipment rentals

At StrataChem, we believe in providing more than what you need to get by. We are available for on-site consultations and safety training for all levels of mill operators. And if you’re in need of equipment, we can help with that too.

For more information, or to work with the StrataChem team:

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